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Klaroline AU: After Caroline and Klaus finally share a night together, Klaus leaves his greatest weakness dead amongst the leaves of Mystic Falls. 

Klaus heard her body hit the dirt but didn’t turn around to see her body turn grey. With clenched fists and a furrowed brow, he quickly headed away from her, his boots crunching leaves and snapping twigs with the force of each step. 

With each movement, he felt her slipping further and further away, his little bit of humanity, his only light, being ripped from his being. If he was ever, in his long life, aware of his own, lost soul .. it would have been at this moment. This very moment where he wished, he craved for things to be different. For circumstances to allow him, and her, to be happy. But he could never be happy, could never be in love. 

With that, he cast the idea out of his mind forever. His sweet Caroline, his only redemption, now gone, would be his last indulgence in love, in happiness, in weakness.

It is better this way, he reassured himself as he stepped across the city lines of Mystic Falls. I am better off this way. 

He swore he could hear her whispering his name over and over again, as soft and piercing as the cold wind on his neck.

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